4 comments on “Blogging … in MATH Class!

  1. I’ve been toying with the idea of having students responsible for blogging about the lesson so that those who are away can look at the blog and understand what he/she missed.
    Some ideas I’ve thought of was to assign each day to a certain student and have them update the blog after class or even perhaps have them work in pairs.

    I like to use Edmodo to post the class SmartNotes and assignments – mostly because it is secure and super easy to use. Take a picture if the questions on my phone, upload it to the app. Done 🙂
    I think it would be cool to release some control and work load for me to have the students have to do a mini micro blog updating what happened in class.

    I think I may test drive this next year — if I have a position 🙂

    • Having various students blog on a class blogging platform is a great way to have students practice summarizing big ideas and key concepts. Again, I really think the effort you’ll see students put into that one question will surpass most of their “regular” work because it is posted publicly for anyone to read.

      I also love your idea of releasing some control and letting your students become responsible for the blog/site updates. It is a difficult thing to do sometimes but our students will often do great things when provided this type of opportunity.

      Looking forward to hearing more about this in your future classes Ms Dyment!

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